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Welcome to Habitat for Humanity

Since 1997, we have provided permanent home ownership solutions to hardworking, deserving families in Simcoe County.

Our families who benefit from a Habitat Home have experienced better health, financial security and their children receive better grades in school. Our local economy benefits from tax dollars and local spending too.

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My name is Megan and I have lived in Barrie for the majority of my life. I am grateful to have my parents and sister living in town as well.

I have struggled to find the words to explain what homeownership would mean to my family.  I have made every place we rented look like our home. I have always taken great pride in every place we have lived, from painting to landscaping to pictures on the wall. This partnership with Habitat will show my children that hard work and drive can get you to your dreams. I am eagerly awaiting the start of our build. I cannot wait to be active in the construction of our home, and to involve Michael as well!

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